On The Seventh Day Of Christmas…

I still didn’t post a goddamned thing. I’m going to hopefully put up a proper post by/on Christmas Day, but even that depends on whether or not I can bother to stop being so damned lazy. There’s also a lot to write about now (Kyoto, Homestay, Daily Life, my vacation plans, the lack of proper hot sauce), but I need to figure out which of those subjects is the least unbearably boring thing to write about. When I know, you’ll know…like a few days later. Time to get back to homework!

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What Ever Happened…

That is the first, and preferably only time I will be so short on a name that I use a song title. I think that shit is kinda lame too, but what can I say, I’m pretty unoriginal.

Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, let me be the first to say that Japan is FUCKING FREEZING right now. The three months prior to my arrival, I was told ad infinitum about how hot Japan was during October, and how I wouldn’t even need to worry about getting a coat until it was somewhere in the vicinity of Early/Mid November. “Okayama is famous for being known as ‘Good Weather Country’, (or “Hare no Kani” if it was a professor trying to remind me that I was, in fact, in Japan) so be glad you chose to come to school here!

Somehow, being told that in the middle of a torrential downpour just seems counter-intuitive. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. Crazy TJ, crazy logic, crazy lack of an umbrella, crazy Japan. The Japanese are interesting in that, they will proudly boast about something they hold dear even if evidence holds strongly to the contrary. A train station attendant will proudly boast about how their station is the smoothest and least hassling in Japan, even as salarymen start to pile up in front of two broken ticket gates behind them. I’m very impressed, now go tell that to those pissed off middle-aged Japanese men. That said, there are a lot of things worth bragging about in Japan, and I am here to write about how I come into interactions with those sorts of things and more, in this totally originally, completely not bullshit cliché blog about an American Transfer Student who lives in Japan. OH SHIT AND HE’S BLACK HAS ANYONE TOLD AZRAEL I’M STEALING HIS BLOG CONCEPT?!?!?!

No but really, this is just going to be a place for me to lazily document my travels around Japan and probably a couple of the countries close to it, and likely post some pictures as well. If you’re reading this within the first couple days of its being published, then chances are that you already know me. However, if this is not the case, or if you’re reading this down the road, then let me give you a bit of an intro.

I’m TJ, and I am a very Black man from California. I went to a CSU, and opted into this transfer program. When it was time to study abroad, I picked Okayama out of a decently size pool of potential universities, and came here with the intent of staying for a year. I live in the International Student dorms, and I’ve only been here about a month. I have no idea whether or not this blog will be interesting, but I have one or two stories backlogged that I may post when I get the chance. I also purchased a non-shitty camera recently, so I should have some alright pictures to post as we go along. This should be an ongoing thing even after I get back from Japan, especially seeing as I am considering studying a second year in Korea.

And there you have it. I’ll be posting every now and then, but if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back in bed and resume dreaming about Crystal Hot Sauce.

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